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hey now, I forgot I had this site.

Santa Hat Cult Group Picture

Make an awesome group shot of everyone in their Santa Hats from the MCS Forum Profile Pictures. If you visit the MCS Forums you know exactly what I am talking about. Have fun!

If someone makes a really awesome one I will reward them lots of Reputation Points too.

Shickamaru Vs Sokka

Sokka from Avatar, Shikamaru from Naruto, I dont care what the confrontation is, I just wanna see it.

B.A. MS Paint Masterpieces

I want to see some bad ass creations using nothing but MS Paint as your tool. The term “bad ass” is meant to be loose … so I want to see Chuck Norris as the Mona Lisa, I wanna see some explosions, robo-dinosaurs, space ninjas … whatever! Just make it bad ass!

Example of potential MS Paint badassery:


draw for me an evil squirrel hell bent on world domination

Make a new logo for

logo Make a new logo for drawfor.methis logo is fine as a place holder, but it sucks as a site logo.  make me a logo yo.  Submissions need to be 211×108 and in the jpg format, though I’ll need it to be in png with the obvious transparency.

Test Case:

Draw me the Letter X.

Winner will be noted here in 24 hours.  maybe.


Hello there guys!  I’m going to be screwing around with the fixtures around here, I apologize if anything gets broken! once I have everything working correctly, I’ll let you know 🙂